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Celluloid Junkie, Filmgrail and The Big Picture have announced a co-ordinated on-line communications approach to delivering up to date information on the current crisis facing our industry.

In this moment of crisis #CJCinemaSummit - Every Thursday at (17.00 GMT+1)

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Patrick von Sychowski, Editor of Celluloid Junkie and Chairman of #Cinema Summit says, “At a time of unprecedented crisis for the global cinema industry, we want to help by providing a free and open forum for information exchange. We as a group are not looking to sell anything but to share, so that cinema can rebound as soon as it is safe to re-open them. Cinema will be back!”

Simon SouyrisStrumse, Chief Executive Officer of Filmgrail says, “Communication and meeting spaces are never more important than in challenging times like these. We are proud to join forces with industry authorities such as Celluloid Junkie and The Big Picture to ensure those spaces continue existing online, as long as the exhibition community is barred from meeting physically.”

Rob Arthur, Director at The Big Picture and Co-Founder of the Emerging Cinema Markets Conference says,” #CJCinemaSummit provides exhibitors and key industry stakeholders with a unique opportunity to come together during these very serious and challenging days to explore, discuss and learn about the key developments, challenges and learnings from across the globe in a safe on-line environment. We welcome Filmgrail and Celluloid Junkie’s innovation and inspiration to deliver this on-line summit to keep cinemas connected.”


In an on-line world of thousands of websites and blogs devoted to films, Celluloid Junkie is squarely dedicated to the place in which the movies play out – the cinema. We track the business, technology, personalities, events, trade shows, news and trends that relate to the world of motion picture exhibition. Get your daily fix of all things cinema at Celluloid Junkie from the people who know it and live it everyday as industry insiders.For more information, visit Celluloid Junkie’s web page at celluloidjunkie.com/about.


Filmgrail automates Content-Creation, Audience-Engagement, Marketing and Targeting, so you free up time to set goals, monitor results and optimize your strategy For more information, visit Filmgrail’s web page at filmgrail.com.

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