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Who We Work With Header
Property Developers

Anyone can put a cinema in a Mall, but not everyone maximises what a cinema can bring. We have the expertise and experience to make a difference between having a cinema in your scheme, to having a successful cinema that benefits all tenants and enhances the overall experience. We work with you, to ensure you get the right size and type of cinema that meets your schemes needs, ensures it is fully integrated and maximises its’ footfall to create a true shopping and entertainment experience.


Please don’t call us consultants. We are not theorists, but advisors who successfully operate cinemas across Europe ourselves. We are current and experienced in today’s market, seeking out global best practise to bring the latest thinking, relevant to your market, to your cinema. We think like operators and are commercial. We know the solutions because we have experienced the problems.

Local Authority

It’s time to put the heart back into in our towns and cities, and The Big Picture has experience of how a cinema can be the catalyst for redevelopment. But more than that, we look beyond cinema to work with you to develop sustainable places that people will want to visit time and again, not just for cinema. We understand the positive impact a cinema can have on the spirit of community for local people and work in collaboration with local authorities to realise their ambition.


As often said there are “lies, damned lies and statistics”.

Understanding the markets, from global to local, enables us to know what the true value of a cinema is. Whether buying a single cinema or a chain, knowing what makes cinema profitable, what the potential is and what the real story the figures are telling, makes The Big Picture your ideal, strategic investment advisers.

Asset Managers

Of all the leisure operations, cinema is the one that everyone wants. Time and again consumer market research puts a cinema first. As the demand to revitalise towns and shopping centres, focussed on local communities, grows, we advise on how to ensure you get the right cinema solution. We do this, creating commercial success and longevity to leisure developments worldwide. We are experts at solving problem sites - analysing performance and creating workable solutions for problem tenants.

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