Oldham Council

The Big Picture (formerly CinemaNext consulting) were engaged to review the possibility for one or more cinemas in the Oldham Borough. Oldham was the largest town in the UK without a cinema, with the local population gravitating to Manchester to see films.


Oldham council

Project date:

August 2011 - March 2013

Project duration:

1 year 7 months

There was a specific focus on the possibility of using cinema to regenerate the town centre and potentially use the listed town hall. The town hall was an historic building, and one of the top ten listed buildings under threat of demolition.

The council had gone to the market previously to see if any operators would be interested in opening a cinema in the town. Retail agents indicated none.

TBP was brought in to analyse the market, firstly to assess the potential for cinema and secondly to work with BDP architects to demonstrate that a cinema could be developed in the town hall.


With a workable plan and feasibility that clearly demonstrated demand the council went back to the market, securing Odeon cinemas in an iconic redevelopment of the town hall.

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