Ayr, Scotland

A new cinema, leisure and retail destination for Ayr

South Ayrshire Council vision is for a new leisure centre on the Arran Mall site in the centre of Ayr, as part of the redevelopment of the town. The development of the mall, which is also controlled by Squarestone Asset Management, will see a key area in the heart of the town centre repurposed into a vibrant cultural and leisure destination.

The Kyle Centre Ayr opened in 1988, becoming the first large modern indoor shopping centre in town. The centre comprised over 20 shops on the ground floor and a few fast food outlets on the first floor which have all closed in anticipation of the new cinema-led redevelopment of the scheme.

TBP advised Squarestone on the potential cinema provision for the scheme carrying out an initial feasibility study which established a clear opportunity for a new, modern cinema. TBP produced a business plan indicating the size and type of cinema required and then the marketing collateral an took the opportunity to market.

The Kyle Centre Ayr

Squarestone Asset Management

Project date:

August 2018

Project duration:

2 years 7 months


In March 2021 Arc cinemas signed a long-term lease to operate a premium, 8 screen cinema. Construction work will begin in 2023

The Kyle Centre Ayr
The Kyle Centre Ayr
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